27 MAY


10 Tips for Sober Living

So you’re finally sober. Now what? Here are 10 tips for sober living that will help you make it through.[...]

16 MAY


Addressing Dual Diagnosis

In dual diagnosis, about a third of all people experiencing mental illnesses and about half[...]

18 APR


April is Alcohol Awareness Month

The purpose of Alcohol Awareness Month is to bring people’s drinking habits to their attention. [...]

10 MAR


The Growth of Sober Bars

Of all the places you have thought of to hang out when in recovery, a bar is probably not one of them - but that’s all changing. [...]

28 FEB


Enjoying March Madness Sober

A big factor of ongoing addiction is the trigger, and for some, being sober during March Madness [...]

21 FEB


How to pay for drug and alcohol rehab

Drug and alcohol rehab can be difficult to juggle financially, especially since it often takes us away from our work. [...]