Through channels like Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud, we can identify with other recovery addicts, share their stories, and see that we are truly not alone.

Governor J.B. Pritzker signs executive order

Governor J.B. Pritzker signed an executive order on Monday, to help fight opioid addition in Illinois. Attending was Fresh Start's own Executive Director Juan Hernandez to witness the signing.

A Fresh Start/ Life and Death Decision

Choosing Sober Living as part of a recovery program can be a life and death decision. Fresh Start Sober Living homes occupy the space between inpatient care and returning home. Fresh Start provides independent living, with accountability, continuing and continuity of care for those in recovery who want success.

Nuggets/ Filmbuilder

Published on Oct 13, 2014. An animation about addiction. Kiwi tastes a golden nugget, and it's delicious.

Script, direction, animation: Andreas Hykade

Tim Tells His Story of Recovery and Sobriety / Sober Nation

Published on Jul 22, 2016

Finding sobriety on a mountaintop / Scott Strode

Published on Aug 1, 2016. On the road to recovery from his drug & alcohol addiction, Scott Strode found self-confidence and a new identity in sports. “Every time I stood on top of a mountain or crossed a finish line, I was a little more a climber, and a little less an addict,” Scott explains. Is it possible that creating a community of sober athletes might revolutionize recovery?.

2007 Sobriety monologue / Craig Ferguson

Uploaded on Feb 18, 2012- To celebrate 20 years rebirth, I give you the infamous 15 years sober monologue taken from the 2/19/7 episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson...