05 MAY


Addressing Dual Diagnosis

In dual diagnosis, about a third of all people experiencing mental illnesses and about half[...]

30 APR


10 Tips for Sober Living

So you’re finally sober. Now what? Here are 10 tips for sober living that will help you make it through.[...]

03 APR


Lessons from Alcohol Awareness Month

Although Alcohol Awareness Month has come to a close, it is important to keep an eye on your behavior year round. [...]

10 MAR


Enjoying March Madness Sober

A big factor of ongoing addiction is the trigger, and for some, being sober during March Madness [...]

31 JAN


Am I an Alcoholic?

Alcohol is a regular part of life and culture in America, and many adults like to imbibe. Although there is nothing inherently [...]

19 Nov


Yoga For Addiction Recovery

Yoga is an ancient practice that is designed to bring the mind, [...]