08 MAY 2022

Things to Remember for Self-Esteem After Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is quite a journey of self-discovery and healing. For all of its benefits, and they are endless, coming out of treatment is not the end of the healing process and it will take time to mend the damage caused by addiction. Don’t worry - there are many ways to help yourself prepare for life after rehab.

1. Patience is a virtue easily said than done.
When you graduate from rehab, your emotions, mind, and body are still raw from everything you have been through. Celebrate your accomplishment of realizing that your life needs to change and then committing to sobriety, taking the brave steps to a new life. Expect that you may feel a little low for some time. This serves to remind you that these feelings are normal and to focus on recovery rather than worry about this stage. And remember that you can always turn to your support network of counselors, friends, sponsor, and family.

2. One a day at time still counts out there.
Pace yourself and appreciate the day that is. You hear these things all the time in meetings and sessions and it’s as true after rehab as it is now. Avoid all-or-nothing thinking that pushes you down and defeats all of your wonderful progress. No one can do everything and be everything at once. Pay attention to how far you’ve come and enjoy the accomplishment.

3. It’s all how you look at it.
Saying the cup is half full is cliche, but it’s true. There’s a reason people reference that so much. If you feel down after rehab, you can focus on the difficulty of the situation or you can actively pursue coping strategies and connect with others that have been where you are. Incorporate new tips and methods into your recovery toolbox. See the glass as half full and flip a negative into a positive.

4. Forgive yourself.
Every single person that has gone through recovery, everyone you see everyday and those that have been sober for decades, has had to forgive themselves. It may have come through the Twelve Step program or some other path to recovery, easily or with great difficulty, but it is a crucial step to recovery. This doesn’t push the responsibility for your actions from you, but rather to acknowledge what you’ve done and make amends. Give yourself permission to move forward and develop.

5. Your friends are a reflection of you.
Surround yourself with the right people after rehab. This is something you will have to remember for every day from now on. Whether you are in recovery or have never had an addiction issue, the people you spend time with greatly shape your life and can offer temptations that take you away from your goals, or they can support you to success.