12 OCT 2021

Top 5 Benefits of Sober Living Homes

Whether you're fresh out of a rehab facility or looking to make significant changes in your life, you may have considered looking into sober living homes. These homes provide a structured, safe environment for newly recovering addicts and alcoholics. There's a lot to be recommended here for those who need them, and the benefits over just returning home are pretty big.

If you've been considering moving into a sober living house, then you should read on, and we'll show you the top five benefits of a transitional living situation while you're early in recovery.

1. A Safe Environment

Sober living homes provide you with a safe environment. Since no one living with you is permitted to use drugs, you'll be able to focus on your early recovery. People, places, and things are some of the common problems for those who are just beginning their path to a new life. For many, it can be hard to avoid those old habits and friends when they're just beginning the journey. A sober living house provides a safe environment for you to build a foundation to live the rest of your new life upon.

2. Structure

Many who have been addicted for a long time have lost all structure in their lives. When your entire life begins to revolve around drinking, most people find themselves losing any kind of cohesive structure in their life. Depending on the degree to which one was affected before seeking help things can get pretty bad.

A sober living home has some rules which will help you to ensure that you regain structure in your life.

3. In-Built Support Group

Since everyone within a sober living home has been through much of the same things, you have an inbuilt network of support. Support groups are one of the biggest indicators for long-term recovery. Everyone is working a program and trying to regain their lives. It provides a sense of camaraderie which is hard to find in the outside world. Many find this to be the most crucial part of a sober living environment: the people you live with will be going through a lot of similar things. Having people around outside of AA or NA meetings who understand can be a lifesaver.

4. Introduction to the Recovery Community

Since most sober living environments require their residents to attend 12-step meetings on a regular basis, they can often serve as a good way to get plugged in for the recovering addict. Required meeting attendance usually means a client will get into a routine of attending meetings. In doing so, they'll be introduced to the recovery community, allowing them to maintain a support group even after they've left the transitional living period.

5. Improved Outcomes

Studies show a much better outcome for those who have gone through a sober living environment than those who simply returned home after treatment. The truth is that a large percentage of addicts and alcoholics will end up back in treatment within five years of their first time through. Everything counts. The improved outcome for long term sobriety is perhaps the most important benefit for those who are truly looking for a new lease on life.

Looking for Sober Living Homes in the Chicago Area?

Do the benefits of sober living homes sound like something you're looking forward to? We operate seven sober living homes in the Chicago area. If you're ready to start making a serious change in your life, then contact us and see if one of our sober living environments is right for you.