30 AUG 2022

A Sponsor is an Important Resource in Recovery

Whether it’s certain feelings, scenarios or events, every addict has different trigger points that can generate the urge to drink or use. However, when you recognize these moments, it’s important to draw upon your resources to successfully prevent a relapse. One of the most important resources is a sponsor.

A sponsor is someone who has a first-hand understanding about the struggles of recovery and accepts the responsibility of helping another in recovery. This person is available for you to call and talk to when the going gets rough, providing guidance and strength in sobriety. The ideal sponsor is accepting and does not pass judgment on your weaknesses, but can also provide a strong support system that helps discourage you from drinking.

A sponsor is part of your life-long recovery. Finding a person you feel comfortable enough to share your recovery journey with seems daunting at first. However, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are built heavily around community and fellowship. Many things about treatment can be unfamiliar and new, but taking the initial steps of visiting AA and finding a sponsor can provide a foundation for recovery.

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