25 JUNE 2022

Community service to support recovery

During recovery, and generally in life, it is important to broaden your social horizons by incorporating selfless and fun activities that typically surround you with high-caliber individuals. The best way to do this is to volunteer your time to a worthy cause. Many people even consider volunteering to be an integral part of the recovery process. After all, ‘tis the season to give.

The first place to check is with addiction recovery groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics anonymous. Providing service with these organizations helps you while you help others because it puts you in the position to reaffirm the 12 steps and to reflect on your recovery. You know what they say - the best way to learn is to teach someone else.

If you are religious, we recommend donating time to your church, temple, or other religious institution. Volunteering at a church strengthens faith just as giving time to NA and AA supports your recovery.

There are also national organizations dedicated to providing and filling a range of volunteering positions. Try and search the keyword “addiction” for related opportunities in your area. Volunteers of America is another volunteer resource that allows you to search opportunities to fit your interests, including addiction outreach and substance abuse recovery.