21 Sept 2021

4 Social Benefits of Sobriety That May Surprise You

Alcohol is a social lubricant, but can quitting drinking actually help your social life? Here are social benefits of sobriety that may surprise you.

A fulfilling social life is one of our most basic needs. We are, by our very nature, social creatures. We crave connections with the world around us and want to form meaningful relationships. But what does that mean once you're committed to getting sober? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Here are four social benefits of sobriety you'll experience when you ditch the drugs and drink.

1. You'll Form Deeper Relationships

It's possible to burn a lot of bridges during your addiction. But that doesn't mean you can't rebuild. Making amends during recovery is a great way to re-establish and even deepen those social bonds you lost during the darkest days of your addiction.

Though making amends is difficult, admitting your mistakes and opening up can be a powerful way to reconnect.

In many cases, your relationship with your friend or loved one may actually become stronger.

2. Sobriety Helps You Save Money

When you're fresh out of rehab, it might seem as though your social options are more limited. Now that you can't go to the bar or hang out with your friends who use, you may feel constricted.

But did you know that you actually have more options now than you did before? It all has to do with the money you're saving!

The cost of most addictions is at least $50 per day, with some substances costing as much as $1,200 per day. Think about what those savings mean. In a few months, you could save up enough to take a luxurious vacation and can even afford to stay in a five-star resort.

3. You'll Become a Better Conversationalist

It's a common misconception that using drugs or drinking makes you a more interesting person. But addiction doesn't make up for personality. Using and drinking have a profound impact on your brain.

Have you ever tried to hold a conversation with a drunk person before? It isn't always easy. That's because alcohol reduces the number of certain chemicals in your brain that causes neurons to fire slower.

But if you're sober, there's no need to worry about those misfires. You'll be able to hold longer, more meaningful conversations that in turn will lead to more friendships.

4. No Nasty Hangovers

Wild nights of drinking or using drugs may seem fun at the moment, but every addict knows that there's always a big come down. A hangover more or less guarantees that you'll need to spend the whole day recovering and nursing a headache.

What's the fun in that?

Ditching substances also means saying goodbye to annoying, painful hangovers. If that's not reason enough to stay sober, we don't know what is.

Stay Social with These Surprising Benefits of Sobriety

Sober living doesn't mean a life of staying indoors or declining party invites. You can still do many of the same things you used to enjoy -- and more! But now that you're clean and sober, you'll be able to enjoy your social life to its fullest extent. Ready to experience the benefits of sobriety for yourself?

Get in touch with one of our intake specialists today to take the first step toward your sober journey!