06 MAY 2021

God and Addiction: How Religion Can Help You Get Clean

In times of struggle, leaning on the help of a higher power can get you through those hardships. Click here to learn how God and addiction are related.

When you’re an addict, you feel hopeless. The only thing you live for is your next fix. You’re slowly destroying every aspect in your life because you’re so reliant on drugs. This last fact is truer than anything. When you’re a drug addict, drugs become your master. You literally can’t function without it. This is why many drug addicts feel alone and helpless. During recovery, many addicts discover they’re not alone and that drugs aren’t their master. They can find help and acceptance in the form of religion.

Here’s what you need to know about God and addiction and how religion can help you maintain your sobriety.

God and Addiction: The Role of Religion in Recovery

God is more than just a higher power. He’s our Creator who created us in his vision. This means he loves love and devotion to our well-being. As long as you seek forgiveness, you will become one of God’s children.

Even though God is powerful and all-knowing, he welcomes everyone in his arms. No matter your turmoils or your confusion, God will put you on the right path. Above all, God is forgiving. You went against the Lord’s teachings during your bouts with drug use.

Once you begin your relationship with God and confess to your sins, you’ll be cleansed of your past life and you will begin a new life of clarity and happiness.

This is why many addicts develop a connection with God. It’s easy to feel hopeless and alone in rehab. You made a lot of mistakes and you lost a lot of family members and friends. You’re also suffering from withdrawals and drug cravings.

Rehab is a scary time for many addicts. This is why they find comfort in religion.

How to Add Religion to the Recovery Process

Fortunately, incorporating religion into a daily part of the rehab process is easy. As long as you know the Lord is by your side, you can easily endure the struggles of recovery.

Here are things to do every day to practice religion while in rehab:

  • Meditate
  • Pray
  • Join a worship group within the rehab clinic
  • Talking to God
  • Reading the Bible
  • Write down your favorite prayers and Bible verses
  • Speaking to other rehab residents about God

While these actions are small, these constant reminders will help you endure the most difficult aspects of rehab and recovery.

Practicing Religion After You Get Out of Rehab

The struggles don’t end after you get out of rehab. Even though you’re detoxed of all drugs, it’s still a struggle to stay clean and not fall back to your previous ways.

Fortunately, faith and God will give you the power to resist your cravings and continue on the path of enlightenment.

Here are ways to practice faith after rehab:

  • Join a church
  • Talk to your priest or pastor
  • Pray
  • Read the Bible
  • Stay active in your church, so you don’t contact your previous addict friends

As long as religion is at your side, you can begin a new and sober life.

You’re Done With Rehab — Now What?

Now that you understand God and addiction, are you ready to recover? After rehab, choose a sober living home.

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