02 OCT 2019

Healthy and Free: 5 Reasons to Go Sober

Addiction has a peculiar way of working its way into our lives. As things develop, using your drug of choice feels like an essential part of your life. If you aren't at rock bottom, the idea of changing things seems impossible.

Wherever you are in your struggle with addiction, it doesn't hurt to consider some of the reasons you have to go sober. We'll briefly cover five of the most pertinent reasons that a person should become sober, hopefully shedding some light on the positive things that come when you shake the addiction.

5 Reasons to Go Sober...

Forgive us if you've heard these reasons before. Hopefully, though, we can offer a unique perspective on the points listed below. Let's get started:

1. Your Life Will Move Forward

There's an idea that sobriety marks the end of a person's social life. If you've been living one particular way for a long time, it can be hard to imagine what taking a different path might be like. There's more to living than following the same patterns, especially when those patterns are destructive to your relationships, health, and state of mind. 

Getting sober will allow you to take life in the direction you want, making space for you to follow your dreams, get a better job, rekindle your relationships, and more.

2. Clarity of Mind

Addiction attacks your mental state from a few distinct angles. In general, your mind is negatively affected by how your body responds to drug abuse. The intense highs and lows of abuse effectively destroy your body over time. 

Mind and body work in harmony, so when one suffers, the other follows. Further, the urge to use and the intoxication that follows are extremely distracting. If you're constantly thinking of using or experiencing a high, there's little time to enjoy the moment with clarity. Going sober will free up the physical and mental energy needed to be present.

3. You'll Be More Productive

Hangovers and withdrawals aren't so great in general, especially not when you have to get up for work in the morning. They're not fun if you have to run errands, spend time with family, focus, make time to eat, keep up relationships, etc. 

The effects of use trickle into every area of a person's life. Take use out of the equation, and you'll have the energy to apply yourself to a life well-lived. 

4. You'll Have Money Again

Ever notice that addiction runs your pockets pretty thin? 

Eliminating the habit that sucks every spare penny you have will free up a surprising amount of money. Life is a lot less stressful when your finances are stable. Additionally, you'll miss work less-often and have the potential to move up at your job.

5. You Will Live 

The final destination of addiction is death. There's no way around that fact, and your life is far too valuable to be taken by substance abuse. Kicking the habit for good will give you the opportunity to live a long, healthy life. 

Think You'll Need Some Help?

If you have a strong desire to go sober but aren't sure if you can do it alone, there are options for you. Entering into a sober living facility can greatly reduce the initial urge to use and offer support for the physical and emotional trouble of withdrawal. 

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