15 DEC 2020

15 characteristics and traits of adults that grew up with alcoholics

On the path to recovery, it is vital to look into our pasts to track where our behavior stems from, as difficult as it may be. The truth remains, however, that children who grew up with an alcoholic in the home are a lot more likely to grow up to be alcoholics themselves. There is a biological component to this because addiction is both nature and nurture - there is a genetic predisposition, but it is also learned. There are many other issues that this type of childhood can create, such as gambling, drug abuse, overeating, sexual compulsion, and more. Doctors and researchers have created a list of 15 characteristics and personality traits of an adult that grew up the children of alcoholics. Read the list below to gain some insight on your personal struggle and to understand that you are not alone.

15 characteristics and traits of adults that grew up with alcoholics
  1. 1. Fear of losing control
  2. 2. Fear of emotions or feelings (their own and those of others)
  3. 3. Conflict avoidance
  4. 4. High responsibility burden and constantly seeking approval
  5. 5. Difficulty relaxing and having fun
  6. 6. Denial
  7. 7. Difficulty with intimacy
  8. 8. Victim mentality
  9. 9. Compulsive behaviors
  10. 10. Preference toward drama and chaos versus peace
  11. 11. Codependent relationships where they think they can rescue their partners
  12. 12. Abandonment issues
  13. 13. Tendency to see things as black and white, extremes
  14. 14. Physical illness
  15. 15. Overreaction to external changes